Prospective Students

If you are a student considering graduate studies in artificial intelligence, or more specifically in multiagent systems or real-time-intelligent control, then I think that is great!  If you are already enrolled in the Computer Science and Engineering graduate program here at Michigan, then feel free to contact me via email to set up a meeting. 

If you are not yet enrolled, then please apply!  I’m afraid that it generally does not help to try to email me before you are enrolled. I receive a large number of inquiries from students who are thinking of applying, and who ask me whether their credentials are sufficient for being admitted and whether I will be able to provide them with an assistantship. Assessing credentials, especially from foreign students, requires input from the admissions office, and so cannot be done without an official application.  Typically, in addition, I cannot make commitments about assistantships for the next academic year until the spring.  I therefore make it a policy to not respond to such email inquiries. My best advice to prospective students is to apply, and we’ll see what happens.  Sorry things can’t be more definitive than that!